Meet the $3.2Million Megacar that is EMBARRASING the Hypercar Industry!

Avaldati 26 nov 2019
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  • BRO I literally clapped at my phone had to prop that bitch up to clap 👏👏👏!!!¡¡¡

  • I love the apollo. Its in forza horizon 4 and i own one. Its my best car

  • This man makes 1.1 mil a year ;-;

  • This is some forza horizon shit

  • When he is counting the bugatti's at 2:01 when he says 8 isn't that the manny khoshbin bugatti

  • The only 🚘 was A great day

  • djdjnfjjnld🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Ok. Im saving for an Apollo IE

  • One day he will have a Agera

  • Little does he know one of those Bugatti will be his

  • “I need to start saving money” *buys Bugatti*

  • 2:47 whats that car name


  • I am Arab

  • That car is the Apollo IE

  • I'm nine years old and I'm all about cars

  • Yes exactly Bugatti lol

  • behind his shoulders 1:23 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren background Ferrari f12tdf 1:44 Bugatti Chiron 2:17 Ferrari LaFerrari 2:23 Porshe 981 spyder 2:49 Italdesign zerono beside McLaren P1 behind 2:51 apollo n 3:54 Koenigsegg jesko 3:55 koenigsegg regera all these cars are from a9

  • Haha apollo ie go bbbrrrrrrrr


  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • The apollo looks like the devils ride!

  • It realy cool

  • I own a jesko, centordieci , samba and the Vision IE ALL IN A GAME

  • This car is x80proto

  • I’m from the future he buys a bugatti

  • Little did he know he would be owning a bugatti soon

  • Lambo to overrated

  • 5:14 is what you came for

  • That apollo is insane

  • James : Bugatti LOL Also James : Buys a Bugatti

  • That apollo car looks like the grotti x80 proto from gta 5 online xD

  • Lamborghini like 👁👄👁

  • Put that paint that is on that p1 on the Gallardo

  • I live e in riyaadh

  • Sure that's a Bugatti

  • Came back from future strad i found your bugatti 😂😂😂

  • if he knew he has a Bugatti veyron

  • Who’s watching after he bought his Bugatti

  • TheStradman : "I'm in Saudi Arabia with the man who fired me." 🤷🏼‍♂️ Me : Why would you even say that? (haha. truth is.) - 🤣 (He's a really humble guy)

  • 7:24 ah just how much life has changed in 8 months

  • 1:46 you now own one

  • anyone here in covid 19 sep 2 2020 after he bought a buggtai

  • nope 14 bugatti if we are counting strads

  • 07:40 Hahahahaha

  • I was watching this video then i said you have a Bugatti

  • Sick dude hay

  • 3:12 i have the exact same fkin car (its a hotwheels)

  • Question for anyone really but I hope The Stradman reads it: What’s your favourite car? Mines a Lamborghini Centenario or a Bugatti Chiron idk y.

    • Mines a Chiron too

  • When are you going to get the 6 by 6 Jeep

  • The stradman should get the appolo ie then get the all carbon on it

  • Where is the devel 16

  • Bugatti

  • B

  • B

  • They Probliry have the last 6 928 gt Manuel

  • Ok

  • Hg😂

  • Chkjfdjjdhhkhgfhkjjkklffhkk🥰🥰😂🤩🎮🤩😂🥰💋😋😲😲😲🤬🙁🤬🙆🙆🌈🤴🤫🤬🤬🌈🤴🤭🤫🤴😂😂😂🤫🤭🤪🤩🖐️ghkkkgf gal of

  • did you mean apollo itensa emozine

  • EEclone created lot of students into stupid unnecessarily enthusiasts. EEclone even make them paid off.

  • 8:38 the Apollo ie in my opinion the most beautiful car in the world I know I will never have that much money so I got it in forza horizon 4 The reason I love it so much 1. The interior 2. The wing 3. the exhaust pipes 4. IT LOOKS LIKE A FUC*KIN SPACESHIP

  • didnt he say he wants to save money for konegsegg.then he books a business class flight.😂😂

  • Hahahah his shirt say doing donuts

  • Picture said: bugatti lol The real is: Apollo IE 😮😮😮

  • I swear this guy just has a ruler on him at all times😂.

  • 4:24 Yes, but when James sees a Ferrari he spends the money on it. A Agera R is way cooler than a 458 spyder.😆😔

  • Us gamers call it the jesko, didn't know it was pronounced yesko

  • Hey I live in Riyadh

  • I think he should get a Apollo for his hyper car

  • The Chiron wasn’t even made yet

  • I live in riyadh

  • Looks like a hyper car is coming to the garage

  • anybody see mr jww

  • 0:00


  • Black women do you have a Lamborghini

  • 3:09 is the P1 stradman should get @thestradman

  • If u haven’t been to the NYC car show u should go it’s really cool... They also have a motorcycle show, I haven’t been but I heard it was cool

  • 1:25 how was he in los santos isnt that from gta5

  • 3:58 yesko?

  • I like the cars

  • And it's more louder and it's the best V12 engine I ever heard in my life

  • The Apollo sounds like the popcorn machine

  • Shmee

  • The car is Apollo ie

  • P1 just chillin beside italdesign

  • I guessed you were in duibai

  • Apollo cars are like gaming PCs+aliens+cars+beauty

  • i think he's in Dubai

  • 🔴⭕️\_______/⭕️🔴

  • the paint job on that car costs more than my future house

  • Hype car meet ,but there missing the 2020 tesla roadster

  • Stard 7 month ago "gotta save money" stard now " shouldn't buy a p1 or a veyron or maybe a senna"

  • I’ve been to Saudi Arabia twice best country by far I’ve been to a lot of country’s e.g Australia, UAE etc but Saudi was the best. The cars and everything

    • Happy you enjoyed your time here!.

  • I was waiting for lykan hypersport

  • It's pretty obvious you're in saudia Arabia

  • James:best sounding v12 in the world F1:Am i a joke to you?

  • Dude, I try to watch your videos but I get dizzy every time, you're so extra in your shots, calm down!

  • Its not yesko its jesko